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  The company has established a perfect Haitai Lin three service support systems, to provide customers with powerful, timely and thoughtful and effective service. That technology department --- is responsible for non-standard design; user --- engineers responsible for operation and maintenance personnel training and technical exchanges; --- installation staff responsible for installation, operation and maintenance, inspection and on-site technical training.


active propaganda work products, mainly based on the customer uses and needs, providing the best products have superior price performance. According to customer needs, providing a variety of designs.

Our principle is that as long as you will be on hand to solve The question, and the rest of the work we do.

sale of services

1, Haitai Lins technology engineers Free assistance in product installation location, debugging, guiding users to the proper use and maintenance, and to provide relevant product manuals and technical information.  
2, to provide high-quality products, and to ensure that by nature, time, and quantity.  
3, Haitai Lin company will send engineers to the user units free of charge product use and maintenance personnel for technical seminars and technical exchanges. Specific manner, time and place determined by mutual agreement.


1, on the sale of power products we build "Customer Profile" tracking service.

2, after the power product is sold, implemented at any time call tracking, and implementation of 110KV and above substation user complete inspection at least once a year (reimbursement of long-distance travel costs), and to report on the use of customer power systems, so that customers with the assured.

3, the occurrence of customer complaints, within two hours provide solutions. Including on-site rehabilitation programs and returns processing program, until the customer satisfaction. Aim is to minimize the customers trouble.

4, under normal circumstances, return the product to One week test report issued by the goods, indeed our reason our responsibility; not my Secretary products reason, we issue the corresponding report, to guide the customer to use.

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