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HPSM12K monitoring module

HPSM12K monitoring module is designed to meet the needs of users of conventional DC panel system of a medium-sized monitoring, it is mainly applied to 7Ah ~200Ah single charge detection system, battery inspection and insulation is achieved through the expansion of the way, through the RS485 interface and the on-line monitor, can achieve up to 120 batteries and 30 patrol Road branch insulation monitoring. Most can achieve 16 branch switch tripping fault detection. The monitor is characterized by the combination of centralized and integrated expansion unit, with high performance price ratio, simple wiring and convenient installation.

1, product characteristics
1) simple use, high cost performance;
2) equipped with RS485\CAN interface to support a variety of communication protocols and fully realize the "four remote" function.
3) 5 inch touch screen operation, the realization of human-computer interface visualization operation, the whole Chinese menu, easy to operate, easy to handle;
4) the alarm processing and recording function can be used to record the system fault through the current fault and the history fault.
5) according to the users request, the switch quantity input can select the alarm auxiliary contact or each branch switch (without the use of auxiliary contact contact).
6) according to the different requirements of the system, the battery inspection and insulation detection unit can be extended through the RS485 bus.
7) it can be used with the modules of various manufacturers such as Emerson.

2. Function introduction
1) the intelligent battery charging management function, the response time is fast, the current limiting value is stable, and the battery life is prolonged.
2) perfect remote communication function, realize "four remote" function through CAN/RS485 interface, and realize unmanned duty.
3) perfect alarm processing and recording function. When the system is abnormal, monitoring automatically generates acousto-optic alarm, and at the same time, the flickering "fault alarm" on the screen and the action of the fault output node can be querying the system failure record through the current fault and historical fault.
4) (local or remote) set the system parameters, upper and lower alarm limit, the manual switch control float conversion module
5) DC feed output voltage and current, feed output switch state, fuse status, insulation status and lightning arrester state. When abnormal conditions occur, sound and light alarm is issued.
6) AC voltage detection, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, power outage alarm
7) the switch state of the feeder line of the 16 road or the trip alarm;
8) extending the maximum 120 section battery inspection through the RS485 interface (with 5 battery patrol units).
9) extend the branch insulation monitoring unit through the RS485 interface, with up to 30 roads (with 1 insulation monitoring units).
10) automatic voltage regulation control function (the default is five level silicon chain).
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