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Rectifier charging module

1 Summarize

H220R10F2 series rectifiers with high frequency switching-mode power supply use of full-bridge LLC resonant soft switch technology, high efficiency; using passive PFC technology, high power factor; improve the EMC design, meet the GB / T 19826-2005 standard EMC requirements; cooling fan with temperature co-current control mode, low noise, long life.

This series includes five models module: F22010-10, H220R07F, H220R05F, H110R20F and H110R10F2.

2 Main Features

wide input voltage range304VAC456VAC;

LLC resonant soft-switching technology, high efficiency, high power density;

good EMC design to meet the requirements of relevant standards;

built-in short circuit protection retraction;

with LED display, query module voltage, current, address, and fault information;

perfect protection functions: input over/under voltage, output over voltage,

over temperature, over current;

fan speed control using temperature combined current, low noise, high reliability;

built-in removable dust net cover for easy maintenance;

built-in reverse protection and support with electric plug.

3 Main Parameters

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