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UP5-G Series

AC Characteristics:
AC input: 85 ~ 265VAC

AC frequency: 50Hz 10%

electrical power: less than 250VA

Output voltage: 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V
DC output power of continuous operation: 60 ~ 150W
Computer protection device can meet, light, analog indicator supply needs; battery-powered, can delay up to 4 to 24 hours depending on the load parameters of the AC power supply.
DC output short-run power: 200 ~ 300W / 20S
Meet VS1, VD4, ZN21 most 10KV system shells and other operating agencies breaker, electric power load switch storage needs.
DC output instantaneous operating power: 400W ~ 800 / 200ms
Meet VS1, VD4, ZN21 most 10KV system shells and other operating agencies open and close the circuit breaker and load switch power supply required; when powered by a battery back-up, more than 20 times operable.

Performance: integrated structure, battery built
Benefits: save floor space, reduce cost, flexible

Performance: distributed power supply
Advantages: a distributed power supply, when a circuit fails, the other circuits are not affected power supply unit, the station is failure to avoid that no operating power, compared with centralized power supply DC panel, its overall reliability is greatly enhanced.

Performance: Multiple input and output
Advantages: Wide range of applications, to provide DC 220V, 110V, 48V, 24V output

According to customer demand

Performance: Wide input voltage range (86 ~ 265V)
Advantages: Grid adaptable, flexible and suitable for PT and mains supply

Performance: Intelligent high-frequency power supply technology
Advantages: self-monitoring, self-diagnosis and high reliability

Performance: LED display plus LCD indicates
Advantages: power supply status and operating parameters at a glance

Performance: intelligent battery management
Pros: Built-in automatic battery charging management module, automated intelligent battery management are floating, significantly delay the battery life, make operation more reliable and secure.

Performance: Intelligent high-frequency power supply technology
Advantages: self-monitoring, self-diagnosis, local display, alarm, can also be networked communication, automated remote management unattended.

Performance: design reference IEC, UL and other international standards
Advantages: reliability and safety there are adequate safeguards

Physical characteristics:
Dimensions (height width depth): 205mm 316mm 150mm

Weight: 11KG    

  Series    UP5-G60    UP5-G100    UP5-G150
  Instantaneous power   400W / 200ms   600W / 200ms   800W / 200ms
  Short power   200W / 20S   200W / 20S   300W / 10S
  Continuous Power   60W   100W   150W
  Output voltage   24 V, 48V, 110V, 220V four specifications optional
  AC input   8 5 ~ 265V continuously for 220V and PT100V General
  AC frequency   50Hz 10%
  Efficiency   More than 86%
  Battery Installation   External mounting 2 12V lead-acid batteries
  Communication protocol   MODBUS
  Operating temperature   -25 ~ 55
  Insulation   10M
  Protection   Battery over-voltage, reverse battery, output over voltage, output short circuit
  Noise   55dB
  Size   Height width depth: 228mm 154mm 129mm
  Weight   3KG
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