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Wall Bus-DC Power Supply System

# Overview
Wall bus system is a DC power supply company with years of experience in developing and running online equipment, specially designed for the small-capacity station new generation of high reliability power products. Cabinet can be wall-mounted, really positive operation.

# Applications        
for small substation, the smart box-type substation, RMU and load switching and dc operation mechanism with switch cable distribution boxes, intelligent opening and closing opening, closing, protecting, controlling the DC power supply, can also be used for small-scale power plants and power distribution room of emergency lighting. The intelligent management system, simple structure, installation, operation and maintenance are very simple and convenient.  

# Features
1, miniaturization, battery installed inside the cabinet, no external battery cabinet. The entire system is simple, a single cabinet constitutes a separate DC power supply system.
2, small size, save floor space, reduce cost, flexible, easy installation and maintenance.
3, a variety of input and output, a wide range.

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