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Feed and battery charging integrated cabinet

    is mainly used for 35KVA and below substation, user change, the opening and closing
System components
System by the side of the cabinet Design: integrated system consists of rectifier modules, control systems, insulation monitoring relay (optional), flash relay (optional), Buck unit, AC power distribution unit, DC feed unit and batteries composed of
AC Distribution: two AC 380V power input, automatic switching each other back.
Lightning Protection System: 8 / 20us current wave, 40KVA
battery switch: 63A / 32A
closing branches: 2-way or 4-way 16A 32A
Control branches: 4 or 6-channel 10A 16A
Flash Output: 1 (optional)
Battery: 220V systems: 18 12V65AH less battery
            110V system: 9 12V65AH less battery
Dimensions: (H W D): 2260mm 800mm 600mm    
                                          1600mm 600mm 600mm

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