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Small Power Systems

# System Description
HPS110 / 220L power small systems face major 35KV substation following user, with HPM05L monitoring module, a charging module can be used the following three: H220R05L, H220R07L or H110R10L. System group screen flexible, elegant, easy to collaborate manufacturers design small DC systems.

# Features:
1, for the following constitute 100AH DC systems;
2, the system is highly integrated, low-cost group screen;
3, charging module, buck module, control unit uses hot plug structure, in a carriage, compact;
4, the monitoring module uses LCD Chinese menu display, enabling system parameters, parameter display, system fault indication and system calibration;
5, in the voltage monitoring module to complete the co-parent, female-voltage control, parent control current, battery current sensing, no external line and the external sensor;
6, automatic battery monitoring module has the management function;
7, a small system can extend the three-phase AC voltage detection, battery voltage detection function 19, 14 road insulation testing;
8, provides communication interface RS232, standard MODBUS communication protocol can be connected with the automation system.

HJSU01 bus insulation and flash device
The main technical parameters:
voltage rating: 220V, 110V
flash frequency: 60 \ 3 times per minute
flash Starting current: 1 mA
insulation relay Rated current: 0.5A
flash relay Rated current: 1.5A

HFSD1 lightning protection systems
nominal operating voltage: 220V / 380V
The maximum continuous operating voltage: 275V / 470V
rated anti-lightning surge current: 10KA (8 / 20us)
biggest anti-lightning surge current: 20KA (8 / 20us)

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