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HMP-3 Series

HMP-3 series power in substation, switching station, ring counter and box-type substation and other places. For the first switching device (vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors, load switches, etc.) and a secondary control, protection and signal circuit (such as computer protection, remote control unit RTU, load control devices, indicator, analog indicator, intelligent instruments ) to provide reliable DC power.

# Features

1, small, built-in battery, save floor space, reduce cost, flexible


2, a variety of input and output, a wide range.


3, intelligent high-frequency power supply technology, LCD character display. Self-monitoring, self-diagnosis of high reliability, power supply status and operating parameters at a glance


4, using the CPU monitoring, automated monitoring and management features intelligent battery management, built-in automatic battery charging management module, automatic intelligent battery management are floating, greatly extending battery life, make operation more reliable and secure.


5, non-potential software calibration technology, electrical parameters by software calibration, no temperature drift.


6, built-in standard MODBUS communication protocol, RS485 communication interface, easy remote monitoring.


7, power supply cooling using a self-cooling and air-cooled combination of intelligent cooling technology to improve power supply and fan life


8, an optional lithium battery, lithium battery no leakage, no pollution, more environmentally friendly, lighter


9, reference design IEC, UL and other international standards, reliability and safety there are adequate safeguards

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