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HMP-2 Series

◆ Applications

HMP-2 series products are mainly used in substations, opening and closing, ring counter and box-type substation and other places. It provides reliable DC power vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors, load switches and computer protection, remote control unit RTU , load control devices, indicator, analog indicator, intelligent instruments.

◆ Features

Performance: small, built-in battery

Advantages: save floor space, reduce cost, flexible


Performance: distributed power supply

advantages: the use of distributed power supply, when a circuit fails, the other circuits of the power supply unit is not affected, the station is failure to avoid that no operating power, compared with centralized power supply DC panel its overall reliability is greatly improved


Performance: Multiple input and output

Advantages: wide range of applications, to provide DC 220V According to customer demand, 110V , 48V , 24V output


Performance: Wide input voltage range ( 86 ~ 265V )

Advantages: Grid adaptable, flexible and suitable for PT and Mains


Performance: Intelligent high-frequency power supply technology, LED display plus LCD indicates

Advantages: self-monitoring, self-diagnosis of high reliability, power supply status and operating parameters at a glance


Performance: intelligent battery management

Pros: Built-in automatic battery charging management module, automated intelligent battery management are floating, greatly extending battery life, make operation more reliable and secure


Performance: Intelligent high-frequency power supply technology

Advantages: self-monitoring, self-diagnosis, local display, alarm, can also be networked communication, automated remote management of unattended


Performance: design reference IEC , UL and other international standards

advantages: reliability and safety there are adequate safeguards


HMP400 -2

HMP600 -2

HMP 8 00 -2

instantaneous power

400W / 200ms

600W / 200ms

800W / 2 00ms

short power

200W / 20S

200W / 20S

300W / 10S

Continuous Power




Output voltage

24 V, 48V, 110V, 220V four specifications optional

AC input

8 5 ~ 265V continuous, for electricity and PT

AC frequency

50Hz ± 10%


more than 86%

Battery Installation

inside the product installation 2 12V-12Ah lead-acid batteries

communication protocol



- 25 ~ 55


≥ 10MΩ


battery over-voltage, reverse battery, output over voltage, output short circuit


≤ 55dB


H × W × D: 205mm × 316mm × 150mm


≤ 11KG

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